The outcome of each battlefield depends more on strategy, with battle layout and different character placement key in your army being victorious!

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Demonites World Online immerses you in the Demonites world, with Demonite history, characters, stories, games, and special features, and expands your gameplay online with online battles, your own personal site, and even, ....yes.....character customization!!

With both ONLINE and OFFLINE gameplay, characters can be customized and upgraded online with new items, armor, and weapons, which can then be downloaded to your actual Demonite gaming device for continuously evolving gameplay and character appearance!!


                      !! SHOW OFF YOUR LATEST CUSTOMIZATIONS !!

Trade in your battle loot you gained while battling offline for free customizations and gear upgrades!

"My Demonites" Site

You and your kids can interact with and battle your Demonites against each other in the real world, to later upload their battle stats and events to your own personal page on the Demonite Web site. There you can track battle records and customize and showcase your Demonites collection. Make it public or private. Invite your friends.

Join in online battles with your own Demonites! Create battle formations on your desk with your actual gaming devices, and battle your opponents hundreds of miles away! Send and receive battle challenges! Engage in mini battles with friends, or join in massive multiplayer battles! Team up with friends against new opponents! Plan and strategize over battle formations! Create custom battlefields, and watch as players across the world assign their armies to the open spots. Increase your collection or customize your characters and try out new battle formations.....and watch the leaderboards to see where your army or legion is ranked!


Choose or Create custom battlefield layouts, where online players can place their Demonites in formations prior to the battle.