The outcome of each battlefield depends more on strategy, with battle layout and different character placement key in your army being victorious!

For more fun and Strategic gameplay, you can put your Demonites in one of four teams and/or armies. Now it's really fun! Demonites on the same army won't battle each other, instead they can actually support each other in battle just like a real battle.

This is where strategy really comes into play!


Boost your health, and create Power Attacks by placing specific Demonites together in battle. Each Demonite clan has 5 different character types, (Clan Leader - Hero - Shaman - Wizard - Villager) each with different attributes, battle characteristics, and battle priority.

Place a Shaman character adjacent to any character to boost their HEALTH regeneration! Place a Villager adjacent to a HERO to boost his LUCK and increase the chance of a successful attack!


if you know your Demonites battle priorities, by placing them in strategic battle formations, you can even direct the flow of the battle to your advantage! Lay traps or protect a character from attacks from specific sides.

Lay out your formation..... start the battle.....and see how your plan turns out!

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