The outcome of each battlefield depends more on strategy, with battle layout and different character placement key in your army being victorious!

Collect more Demonites for awesome multi-piece battles. Collect and battle 2 or 200! With communication links at each 90degree position of the Demonite, you can place and battle them in any configuration you can think of!

The outcome of each individual battle is determined by taking over 20 variables into consideration in its battle formula, including:

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Just place them adjacent to each other in whatever battle formations you can dream up, and start the battle! You can even start the battle at multiple locations simultaneously on your battlefield for a fast paced, multi-threaded battle.

Place your Demonites in a large battle formation ....start the battle at 3 or 4 different points....and then sit back and cheer on your Demonites as the battles progress through your battlefield until the final victor emerges!

Family fun that everybody enjoys! ......and after each individual battle, the warriors collect the spoils of war...their Battle Loot!

Each time your Demonite battles, after the battle is over it finds items that have been dropped on the field of battle in the form of Battle Loot. The amount and type of loot your Demonite finds depends on many things, including the character type, luck, and if he won or lost the battle.

Battle Loot can be in the form of coins or items. Battle Loot can be used to buy new customizations for your Demonite like clothing, armor, or weapons in Demonites World Online when you connect your Demonite to your internet enabled device....and then the customizations can then be downloaded into your actual Demonite!!!