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FEB 2014 - Mikennico cancels the Demonites World KickStarter project
Mikennico's latest project "Demonites World goes Live on Kick Starter Jan 2014!!!
JAN 2014 - Demonites KickStarter goes Live !!!
FEB 2014 - Demonites World goes stealthy
Mikennico Corp has canceled our Demonites KickStarter project to regroup and refocus. With not enough visibility, we didn't get the support needed to meet our goals, so the project was canceled, citing not enough backers saw the project due to limited visibility due to a lack of advertising and getting the word out. Mikennico has not discounted launching another KickStarter project, but stated if so, there will be a significant advertising campaign prior to garner visibility and support.
With the cancellation of the Demonites KickStarter project, the company has gone back into stealth mode...somewhat. There is going to be a conservative effort to get a wide backing and get the word out before release of the product.