Demonite Characters
We'll have much more information on the different Demonite characters, at our product launch, but for now let's just say that there will be dozens of different clans of Demonites, many of them geographically specific...mountain, plains, cave, etc.... as well as elemental.. fire, water, ice, etc....Enough to keep you busy collecting and battling for years to come.

Per the storyline, Demonite characters are tribal or clan based, and characters in the same clan, will have some resemblance to each other. Characters from different clans however, can be significantly different!

Characters will range from the cutesy side for our younger players, to the quite detailed and edgy for our older players. It's up to you where you want to be on the spectrum. But all characters will be battle capable!
........of course, more character data will post as we get closer to launch, with entire sites for each Demonite clan with full clan background information, as well as very detailed information on each Demonite such as battle characteristics, customizations, personalities, and even stories!!